At Tom Brown, every project is treated as a creative collaboration, working to develop styles that are a reflection of our passion and experience. Offering advice and guidance, we aim to assist our clients in making an informed decision, as we understand that many do not have the time to spend looking for what they want - we work to remove the hassle from the process.

Explaining 'Made-to-Measure'


Due to a liberal use of the terms ‘Tailored’ and ‘Bespoke’ by the industry, it can often lead to confusion regarding to what they are actually referring. Both styles of construction are classed as ‘Made-to-Measure’ - a very broad and general term which is only used to refer to clothing that is fitted to an individual’s figure - and not how it’s constructed, nor the techniques used to finish the article.

In contrast to a Bespoke Suit, which is completely sewn by hand, a Tailored Suit is assembled with the aid of a sewing machine. Both techniques produce articles of clothing that are virtually equal in both aesthetics and quality of finish - therefore, when making the choice between the two, it is based on a combination of personal preference and cost, as Bespoke Suits incur a higher premium due to the precise and intricate nature of the handcrafted workmanship involved.

In the true spirit of Made-to-Measure clothing, we arrange opportunities for several fittings, presenting us an opportunity to fine-tune the article to the smallest detail, as well as allowing the individual to experience the look, feel and fit of the suit before its completion. Housing a selection of over several hundred materials, with an additional range of fine tweeds, corduroys and velvets, as well as a plethora of extravagant linings, we pride ourselves on being able to create a combination suited to every occasion.

An Introduction to the Process


Stepping into the development of a personalised article of clothing, the process commences by taking all crucial measurements in order to produce the necessary patterns. During this time, we also take note of the aesthetic and ergonomic details concerning the project; the number of buttons and their positioning, how the cloth flows, zip-fly or button-up, hidden pockets - the limit is ones imagination.

Having selected your cloth and lining, we create a pattern based on your previously taken measures and proceed to transfer the design onto the cloth, ready to be cut and constructed. Using traditional tailors chalk, we treat the fabric as a canvas while the design is painted masterfully onto the surface.

Using a technique known as ‘basting’, the individually cut parts are stitched together to create a practical mock-up of the item, ready to be worn to assess the quality of the fit and style prior to its actual completion. The outlines of key areas are ’tacked’, which act as guides for the tailors, so they have a reference to sew along when the garment is both being mocked-up and finished fully.

Working on a variety of briefs, we find ourselves immersed in all manner of projects, ranging from two and three piece suits to velvet smoking jackets, tweed plus fours and even reproductions of antiquated clothing styles, such as Victorian Era Coachman’s Coats. We also offer a service for Made-to-Measure shirts, to help put the finishing touches on your outfit.

Ready-Made Suits & Garments


In times of urgency, or in instances of working with a budget, a ready-made suit is often the most suitable solution. We stock a range of British-produced woollen suits in a variety of styles and sizes, with the ability to source additional items within 72 hours, if required. We also stock formal shirts, overcoats and a selection of other items and accessories to complete your ensemble.

Appreciating the fact that each and every individual has a unique figure, we offer to tailor the items of clothing purchased from us at no extra charge for the majority of alterations. Clothing can be seen as a ‘second skin’ and we take pride in ensuring that it feels comfortable, and that the fit is perfect and the flow is natural.

Alterations & Repairs


There are a plethora of reasons for why one would like their clothes altered or repaired, and we are more than happy to work with the majority of items that are brought to us - whether it was clothing a size larger in a sale, or a great-grandfather’s dinner suit being re-fitted for one of the younger generation - we are able to complete essentially any task that is presented.

Time can be of the essence, and we aim to work to strict deadlines depending on the task at hand - so if there are any last minute alterations to make before going on holiday, or a torn pair of trousers before a wedding in a few hours - we’ll do our utmost to ensure the deadline is met.

At Tom Brown, we hold true to our traditional values - we believe in forming lasting relationships with our customers and clients, and doing our utmost to ensure that we can assist in achieving any outcome an individual has set for themselves. When contemplating a project, or any kind of endeavour in general, we recommend calling so that we can briefly explore the brief and advise as to how to proceed.

Additionally, by emailing collected research and resource materials that inspired the project, we can work to build a more comprehensive picture of what is required, and how to achieve the necessary solution. We also welcome visits to the shop for casual discussions and brainstorming sessions, as we feel in-person conversation helps to convey the concept much more thoroughly.