In the 18th century, with the rise of the Empire and the socio-economic development and growth of Great Britain, a tailor working in Berkshire decided to follow an ambitious dream he wanted to achieve. The gentleman in question - Tom Brown - desired to put his years of training to use and establish himself, and subsequently in 1784, the shop known today as Tom Brown Tailors opened its doors for the very first time.

Initially, Tom Brown dealt exclusively with providing uniforms for the students at the historic Eton College - a proud tradition that has been upheld to this very day. At a time when the term ‘uniform’ wore a very liberal meaning, a change of rules ushered in a new era of consistency among the dress code for the students, leading to Tom Brown being able to diligently produce the newly introduced uniform directly in-house exclusively for the College.

Outfitters to Eton College


We supply a range of garments to the students at Eton, ranging from the uniform consisting of a three-piece tail-suit, to dinner suits and clothing for formal change - such as blazers, chinos and formal shirts - in addition to their respective accessories. Our uniforms are all manufactured by our partners in the United Kingdom, using superior quality materials, allowing them to be robust and durable yet still being affordable.

We tag all items with the student’s name at the point of purchase, along with carrying out any necessary alterations we believe will lend to an aesthetic and ergonically superior fit, all being taken care of free of charge. A same-day turnaround service is also offered to students for the vast majority of repairs and alterations, so that they are able to return to their daily activities in proper attire as soon as possible.

In addition to the aforementioned services, we also design and produce Made-to-Measure Waistcoats as both general wear for students and specific styles for House Captains. The uniform is used to provide a sense of unity between the students and the institute, however the reflection of a student’s own personal identity is portrayed through the simplicity or flamboyancy of their waistcoats, if they so choose.

House & Sporting Colours


Founded in 1440 by King Henry VI, Eton College (known then as ‘The King's College of Our Lady of Eton’) is one of the oldest public schools in the country, making it no exception to the eccentricities of such an establishment that have developed as time has progressed. One of the College’s uniquely identifying characteristics is unarguably the House and Sporting Colour System.

As a boarding school, Eton College is divided into 25 houses, with each being assigned a tag through an alphabetical labelling process. A house exists as a fortress of camaraderie between the boys that inhabit it, and during their time at Eton, it becomes on par with the intimacy of their own private homes.

In addition to sporting colours, which can be worn during regular athletic and competitive events, each house also has their own colour and flag - akin to an almost tribal sense of brotherhood between the members of the house. Events and competitions are held between the houses, with the deeply competitive nature of the activities making for a spectacular show.

The House Colours are not only a representation of where an Etonian belongs during their time at the College, but also a mark of pride and a representation of their individual identity within a team that shares a resilient, passionate bond that can undoubtedly last a lifetime.

We see it as a distinguished honour that our centuries old relationship with Eton College has maintained its intimacy, and take great satisfaction and pride in knowing that we have always worked to provide a reliable and personal service to the institution as well as the families, both new and old, for many decades; at times, even catering for generations of the same household.

At Tom Brown, we feel a profound sense of responsibility in ensuring that we do our part in providing the young gentlemen of Eton with the best possible service, so that they are able to focus on enjoying the time they have, taking away with them memories that will last a lifetime.