When looking to complete an outfit, accessories play a vital role in adding essential finishing touches - whether it comes in the form of subtle, yet stylish cufflinks, or boldly flamboyant cravats - we are prepared to advise and assist towards achieving ones desired look and style.

Stocking a generous selection of silk ties and pocket squares, as well as offering plain and patterned braces, bowties, silk scarves and socks, we have a range of items that would make for lovely personal treats or wonderful gifts for family and friends.

We also sport a collection of tweed accessories and clothing, which are some of our most popular items used for gifting - these include waistcoats, jackets, headwear and travel bags. As with all our items, if a product suiting a specific requirement or taste isn’t available in-store, we are more than happy to attempt to source it, typically having it ordered within 72 hours, if available.

Bespoke Accessories & Gifts


At Tom Brown, we believe in offering a bespoke alternative to our customers, in all aspects of the trade. In occasional circumstances, the situation may not warrant an off-the-shelf solution, or perhaps in the instance of a gift, a further touch of personalisation is required to really add some character.

If there are prototypes in need of development, or ideas that require conceptualisation, please feel free to get in contact to discuss your requirements. We aim to thoroughly explore and evaluate the prospective project to assess its feasibility from both a practical and financial perspective, before returning our feedback with suggestions and advice on how to proceed.

An ‘Off the Cuff’ Remark


Striving for excellence in innovation and creativity, we frequently work with clients on private and commercial project briefs, with our latest endeavour being the development of a range of unisex shirt accessories.

The product has been developed on the basis of an elasticated cuff strap - titled as a 'Working Cuff' - with the dual purpose of adding an element of alternative aesthetic style to the shirt, whilst consistently performing the function of holding up the sleeve against the forearm without unnecessary deformation to the cloth.

It is our belief that beauty can be found in the smallest of details, and accessories that compliment an outfit are of no exception. It is paramount that ones appearance be of significant personal importance, and a slight discrepancy - such as a poor quality tie, visually intrusive cufflinks or poorly matching braces - can be the downfall of an otherwise perfect ensemble.

Our passion and commitment to upholding sophistication in daily attire isn’t simply limited to producing exceptional feats of craftsmanship with cloth, as it delves deeper into the details of a perfectly crafted appearance. Every detail is fine-tuned and every effort is made in ensuring visual equilibrium.