Passion, Individuality and Innovation. At Tom Brown, our commitment to the traditional values upon which the brand was established, and our unrelenting dedication to producing exceptional craftsmanship, drives us to achieve great heights in the creation of Luxury Bespoke Menswear and Accessories. Respecting our heritage, yet adapting to evolutions in the industry, we have developed and honed our styles to create a truly unique and iconic experience, which reflects our centuries of cultivated knowledge and expertise.

Established in 1784, and with a history spanning more than 235 years, our processes are firmly rooted in classic British tailoring practices. Our ethos is to provide a service that rivals the superb quality of our designs, ranging from building a rapport with clients - engaging with them on a personal level - to sourcing local fabrics and materials, contributing to the support of our national textile and haberdashery industries.

Boasting over several hundred luxurious fabrics, we work together with clients to advise on suitable materials during the consultation phase, aiming to outline the perfect combination dependant on the event, project and budget. All of our fabrics are sourced from trusted textile merchants - such as Dugdale Bros. & Co., Lear Browne & Dunsford and Bateman Ogden, to name a few - with an unparalleled level of quality and durability.

Whether attending a wedding, graduation ceremony, formal dinner or even remodelling a wardrobe, we are able to design and craft an outfit from a provided specification, or based upon our knowledge of best practices and creativity, for individuals seeking more fluidity in their original concepts.

Our Services


At Tom Brown, we believe it is crucial to take time in understanding the needs of our clients, so as to capture every minute detail, in order to construct and produce their clothing to an exact specification. We typically offer two main options: traditional Made-to-Measure Suits that are designed specifically around an individual's exact measurements, or Ready-Made Suits which can be tailored to the customer’s figure.

Our Made-to-Measure Suits are designed with precision and crafted personally. We guide our clients through the traditional tailoring process, from hand picking the fabrics out of our extensive selection of the finest British cloths, through to designing your unique pattern and final tailoring method and process. In this manner of tailoring, there are no limitations on the design, with the option for having multiple fittings, and even having the articles of clothing completely hand-stitched.

Are there any questions with which we can be of assistance? Please feel free to get in contact, as we always love hearing from everyone! Alternatively, our doors are always open, so why not drop-in to say ‘Hello!’ or visit for a quick chat. Tom Brown has been based at the same premises since first being founded in 1784, located at: 1 High Street, Eton, Berkshire, SL4 6AS.

Accessories & Gifts


We offer a wide and diverse range of accessories for all occasions, as well as to complete and compliment your masterfully crafted outfit. We stock a collection of beautifully woven silk ties, bow ties, cummerbunds and traditional braces, in addition to a variety of gentlemen’s gifts, such as exquisite cufflinks and tie clips.

In the spirit of Tom Brown, we pride ourselves in providing unique experiences to all our clients, which is why we also offer a bespoke service for a select range of our accessories. Our in-house designers are at your disposal to realise your conceptual visions: during the initial consultation phase, all the necessary information about the project is collected, and then converted into a quotation for the design.

An Introductive History


The founder - and first of five successive Tom Brown's - was believed to have been originally practicing his tailoring trade in nearby Keate's Lane, before taking over the shop at No. 1, Eton High Street. Firmly believing that he could serve the public better through his own methods, and following his ambitious vision, he established ‘Tom Brown Tailors’, and at the time only exclusively produced clothing and uniforms for the students of Eton College; a proud tradition that has withstood the test of time, and carries on to this very day.

Tom Brown is still a privately owned company, with the current proprietor being David M. Coulthard - a Master Tailor, and the first owner not to be a member of the Brown Family. Since its conception, the company, as well as the brand itself, has significantly evolved and developed to become a landmark. This is true not only within the Berkshire County, but throughout Great Britain herself, holding true to its rich heritage whilst embracing the growing, ever-changing needs of contemporary society.